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Ricardo Trotti

Art and Journalism are an essential part of my life. They allow me to tell stories, create and discover. My work feeds on this duality, which shapes my motto: “Art as a message and message as art.” 
I am a self-taught artist. I was born in 1958 in San Francisco, Argentina. I work at my studio in Miami, where I’ve lived since 1993. My first experience took place in Paris in the 80’, when I lived with Gerardo, my brother, a well-known architect, scenographer and painter who now lives in Madrid.
My style? It's changing! Now I am more inclined to seek, discover and interpret reality through the free and traumatic forms of the abstract.
I like the plasticity that is recognized to the actors more so than the style to which the artists are pigeonholed. An actor is flattered when he moves from tragedy to comedy and drama. An artist is required to have a defined style – whether in figurative, abstract or expressionism.
My favorite means of creation are paper and canvas. I work with acrylics, enamel and oil pastels. In addition I like textures and shapes, so I work with resins, plastics, sand and gesso on wood.


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