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September 11

September 11 is one of the few dates that doesn’t need a year. We are all marked by the terrorist attack against the Twin Towers of New York. Two and a half months later, I exhibited The Spirit of America ​​at the Latin Quarter Cultural Center in Little Havana, Miami, and later that year and through 2002, at the University of Miami Conference Center at the James L. Knight International Center in Downtown Miami, Florida. It is my tribute to those who fell.


I worked on diptychs, a tridimensional format on wood, that represent the twin towers and the vertical flag of the United States all encapsulating the different stages of healing and mourning. Four of those panels, Old Glory, a representation of the flag, are in Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana. In 2003, I exhibited this series in the fairs Art Miami and Art New York, through the Latinarte Gallery of Miami, in 2003.

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